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Evacuation System Cleaner

The amount of waste residue (Biofilm/plaque) slogging down your evacuation system depends on the age of your facility, water supply pH, chemical cleaner in use, and how much/often it was used. The Restore Protocol will release the Biofilm/plaque material from the inside of your lines/pipes.


Tech West's Microbial Formula digests organic matter and solids which GUARANTEES TO MAINTAIN SUCTION PERFORMANCE and “ELIMINATE” Daily Trap Hand Cleaning. 100% All Natural & Biodegradable. Non-Foaming & SAFE for humans, animals, plants and pipes.


EcoStar-eVac Cleaner comes in two different sizes and the initial amount used to restore the system depends on the age of the system. Detailed instructions are available upon request. It is recommended that EcoStar-eVac Cleaner be used to maintain your system once it is initially cleaned. This will insure cleanliness and long life of the system.

Sys Cleaner Chart.png
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