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Simply the best dental vacuums and dental compressors in the industry

Tech West leads the dental industry in high performance Dental Vacuum Systems and Compressors. Backed by an extensive warranty program, all Tech West products are guaranteed for reliability and durability. Supported by a knowledgeable sales and support team, Tech West provides expertise for installation of all products.


If you’re a dental professional - you need a vacuum or compressor that is specifically designed with your needs in mind. Our dental focus allows us to design and manufacture dental vacuums and dental compressors that meet your specific needs. Whether you are a single practitioner or a large facility, we have a dental vacuum and compressor that's perfect for you.

For the Dentist

Reasons to purchase Tech West Equipment:  

  • We're focused entirely on your needs as a dental professional.

  • Some of the strongest warranties in the industry (3-10 Year Warranties).

  • Nationwide dealer network ensures service in your area.

  • Vibration free dental compressors that produce clean, dry, and oil free air. 

  • Dental Vacuums that provide consistent air flow for your patients regardless of the number of users.

  • Quickly download replacement user manuals or tech manuals from our website.

  • Easy online warranty initiation.

If you are a dentist that is searching for the best vacuum or compressor your money can buy, contact one of our reps and we will help you find the right unit for your needs.

For the Dealer

Reasons to add Tech West to your product line: 

  • High quality.

  • High reliability.

  • Excellent customer service.

  • Knowledeable technical support.

  • Easy access to technical documents via our website.

  • Online warranty initiation. (saves you and your client time)

  • We make it easy for you to do business with us.

  • We do all those little things that keep our dealers happy.

If you are a dealer and are interested in speaking with us about carrying our product line – give us a call at 800-428-7139 and we’ll discuss the details.


We're currently looking for dealers within the US as well as worldwide. Check out some of the best dental vacuums and dental compressors on the market.  

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