Surgical Vacuum

Surgical Vacuum


Tech West’s innovative Surgical Vacuum leads the industry in performance and value. Quiet, durable and reliable by design, the Surgical Vacuum features a thermally-protected, fan-cooled motor with rubber-mounted heads to minimize noisy vibrations and maximize energy efficiency.


The fast recovery time of the Tech West Surgical Vacuum enables smooth and continuous operation. Requiring virtually no maintenance, the unit is factory set to run at 17 to 23 inches of mercury for optimum performance. To enable considerable savings by the dentist who does not require NFPA certification, the pump is uncertified.


Tech West can also provide NFPA-certified pumps for those offices requiring certification. Complete with a two year warranty, the Surgical Vacuum Pump is offered in both dual and triple configurations with plumbing, electrical and installation assistance available upon request.



Tech West also offers Large Facility Dental Vacuums for the larger dental facility, Dental Schools or the Large Military Clinic.


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Surgical Dental Vacuum