Dental Compressor Air Dryers

Dental Air Dryers

Dental Compressor Air Dryer

Tech West’s Ultra Clean Dessiccant Air Dryer offers more standardfeatures than any other manufacturer. Our dryerincludes coalescingair filter with a .01 micron rating at 99.98% efficiency, moisture indicator and bypass valve, wallmounting bracket, hoses and fittings to hook it up to most any air compressor.


These air dryers are easy to install, require minimal maintenance and when service is needed you can replace the desiccant cartridge and coalescing filter in lessthan ten minutes. If you have any questions please contact us.


UCAD6S-115 SINGLE 115 VOLT AIR DRYER 5 CFM 24 14 12 74
UCAD6S-230 SINGLE 230 VOLT AIR DRYER 5 CFM 24 14 12 75
UCAD12D-230 DUAL 230 VOLT AIR DRYER 10 CFM 24 14 12 75
UCAD18T-230 TRIPLE 230 VOLT AIR DRYER 15 CFM 24 17 12 76


*UCAD6S Dryers come with one hose and check valve forsingle head compressor.
*UCAD12D Dryers come with two hoses and check valvesfor dual head compressor.
*UCAD18T Dryers come with three hoses and check valvesfor triple head compressor.